Poll Software
Directions for Creating the PollPro SQL   Database.
  1.  The PollPro database is emailed as a script file called PollPro.sql.  Detach the file somewhere on your local computer.

  2.  From within SQL Server Enterprise Manager, create a new database called PollPro .  Right-mouse click on databases, then select New Database.

  3. Enter a database name of PollPro or another appropriate name.

  4. Click OK when finished and an empty is created.

  5. Now execute the PollPro.sql script to create the tables and queries in the database.  From the Tools menu of Enterprise Manager, select SQL Server Query Analyzer.

  6. From within Query Analyzer, open the PollPro .sql script file.   Select the PollPro database from the DB: drop-down menu.

  7. Execute the script by clicking the green Execute Query button.   If executed successfully, a number of messages reading "(1 row(s) affected)" will appear.  You will also see Query Batch Completed at the bottom of the screen.


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