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How Do I Setup a System Data Source Name (DSN) for my Database?
Poll Pro supports both a file-based database connection as well as a system DSN.  The setup of a System DSN is done on the server and will most likely need to be done by your Web Hosting Provider.

File Connection to Database

To connect to the database using physical path to the file, you must first determine the path then update the db.asp script to specify this path.  We have provided the script called srvvar.asp which can be executed to determine the physical path on the server.  This script is located in the root directory of the Ban Man Pro™ program.  The variable of PATH_TRANSLATED will provide the physical path on the server.

Lastly, update the second section of the db.asp file to specify the path to your database.  It is suggested that you open this file only in a simple editor such as NOTEPAD or WORDPAD.  Programs like FrontPage can do unwanted things to ASP files.  First comment out the DSN connection in the first section as shown below.  In ASP, a single quote is used to comment out a line.

 '********Modify this section if using a System DSN to connect to database

Now, update the physical file path to the database on your server.  You will only modify the line containing "strYourDatabasePath=".   In the sample below, the path to the database is: e:\PollPro\contentmanagerpro\database\PollPro.mdb

'*********Modify This Section if using the Physical Server Path to Connect to Database
PollProConnectString="driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};dbq=" & strYourDatabasePath

System DSN Connection to Database

To add a new System DSN, from the Windows Control Panel, select the ODBC icon.  The following screen appears.   Select the System DSN folder.

Next, click on the Add button.  The following screen will appear:

Select Microsoft Access Driver then click Finish.

Type in the Data Source Name to be used for this database.  Enter an optional description.  Lastly, click on the Select button and browse, find, and select the database.   Click OK to finish.

Once you or the Web Hosting Provider has setup the DSN, you must then alter the db.asp script to target this DSN.  Using a simple text editor such as Notepad or Wordpad or Write, open the file db.asp located in the root directory where Ban Man Pro™ was installed.  Comment out all lines of code in the section for a File Database connection (Second Section) as shown below.  A comment in ASP is a single quote.

 '*********Modify This Section if using the Physical Server Path to Connect to Database
'PollProConnectString="driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};dbq=" & strYourDatabasePath

Now modify the System DSN section to target the newly created DSN.  An example is shown below.  Only change the information after the word DSN.

'********Modify this section if using a System DSN to connect to database

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